To Shake or Not to Shake…THAT is the Question!

I'm scared of people!

Get those hands away from me!

I’m what many people would call socially awkward. If I know you then you probably don’t even realize that I clam up around people I don’t know very well or at all. The moments I have to spend in a room with people I have no real relationship tend to be some of the toughest moments ever.

Why is it so hard to blend in with the group and make a connection? For me it always starts with my first interaction with someone…the handshake.

No not the hand!

Is that a…HAND?!

A hand. Seems simple and non-threatening BUT when you think about all of the things a hand touches in a day then a hand becomes one of the scariest things you’ve ever seen in your life. Interesting that hands touch more bare than a foot does ANY day yet people put their hands in their mouth or eat food without washing them. I have NO desire to taste your toes because you didn’t wash your hands before cooking.

While I am always weirded out by hands reaching out to me I haven’t figured out how to interact with someone for the first time without shaking hands and coming across as antisocial. I could do the traditional Japanese bow or even just say hello but never remove my hands from my pockets. Just not feasible.

Fist Bump

If HE can I can!

According to research I should just start bumping fists to avoid the germs all together and its pretty socially acceptable. If the President can extend a fist to start a dialogue, why can’t I?