Lessons from a Mother

Mother. Mom. Ma. Mum.

Whatever you call her she was the first important woman in your life. Actually she was THE most important person in your life from the very moment you became to exist. She’s seen you at your worst and at your best. No matter the circumstance she’s always THERE.

My mom taught me a lot of valuable lessons both directly and indirectly but I certainly wouldn’t have accomplished as much as I have in life if not for those lessons. The best lessons were those that have continued to stick with me today.

1. Trust yourself first.

Always trust yourself first even if you trust yourself to make the wrong decision. Sometimes we make decisions that lead to great things and other times we make decisions that lead to trouble. Know the difference and be prepared to trust yourself to not make dumb decisions by acknowledging your weaknesses and getting the necessary guidance to avoid being stupid.

2. It’s not enough to be good you MUST be great.

Good is average and being average doesn’t make you great. No matter your occupation be GREAT at it. Why settle for average when you can create a narrative of your greatness that is much better than the alternative? Once you set the bar high it becomes a fight against yourself because average will no longer be good enough for you and you’ll never settle for anything less than great.

3. Fearless people accomplish things.

My mom is a fearless individual and even when she does fear something she uses it as fuel to push through. Working through fear is still a process for me but I step out more on fear than I used to and the goal is to be as fearless than my mom. Fearless people get things done and push through the challenges to reach their goals.

Remember all of the lessons learned and sacrifices given for you on today. Show appreciation in that special way that only a child can do for their mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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