The ignorance of riots…where does the REAL change happen?

A few weeks ago on a street in Baltimore Freddie Gray had an interaction with the local police department that resulted in his spine almost being separated from his head. A mystery. At least to the Baltimore police department. But those that have been critical of extreme policing in certain communities, felt that the Gray injury, of which resulted in his death, was no accident.

The response from the local leadership was pretty lame. The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, hasn’t been the textbook example of leadership in this situation. The media interviews and press conferences to the public were an attempt to explain away the mystery by trying to pacify the people with the chant of patience while offering no real details. The people waited.

And waited. And waited some more. Then things changed.

Today some of the people of Baltimore decided they weren’t going to wait any longer for answers and instead were going to force their voices on the city through their actions. Peaceful protests were held demanding answers but the citizens demand for answers were ignored and when people are ignored and full of emotion, its harder to keep positivity in the space.

Today the demands for answers turned to riots. RIOTS! How does a riot help you get answers? Instead of getting real answers you’ll get rubber bullets and a curfew. In the end NOTHING is resolved.

How far do you think Martin Luther King Jr. would have gotten tearing up his own community? Or ANY community? I hate to say it but REAL change happens when you can look your enemy in the face and no matter what they do to you, it does NOT break your spirit nor distract you from the goal. When the goal is ALWAYS the focus its much more likely to be reached.

Remember, while you’re burning cars and looting stores, the people that will need to hear your message will be too busy crafting lies to pacify you later! Keep MLK’s dream alive…change!

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