Rebel Without a Cause

Evil DoerSince Obama became a serious contender for President during his first run, the GOP have used the concept of a boogeyman, a big bad wolf, to fund raise vast amounts of monies. The money train kept rolling during Obama’s second run for President against Romney and even during the recent House and Senate elections. House Republicans raised over $500M alone to maintain control of the House and raised over $300M to take the Senate. Who says money doesn’t get you into important places?

The GOP isn’t the only group raising money because Democrats are too but they haven’t ever been better at raising money than Republicans. The past few years raising money has been a much easier effort because the GOP have been successful at creating his evil that is in Washington, we’ll call him Obama, and money is needed to stop this evil entity from taking over. The concept is really simple. Just asking someone to donate to your campaign means nothing but stopping evil makes the person a hero and most American’s sign up for it.

Remember the ‘evil doers’? George Bush warned us about them and that we needed to do anything to get rid of them. What many didn’t realize is some of the evil doers were in our own Government running a muck in the name of America. Now the evil doers are those who want to ensure every American gets to see a doctor regularly, or feed their families, or make living wages. Whatever happened to helping our fellow man?

As politicians prepare for Obama to leave office, what will the GOP use as a fundraising tool once he’s gone? Who will become the face of evil in Washington? My first best is on Hillary Clinton aka ‘Ill Hill’.

hillaryHillary has been a fundraising tool for the GOP since her husband’s presidency. I remember as a kid how angry the GOP was at Hillary’s push regarding it taking a village to raise kids. If Hillary runs the GOP will use not only the evil that is Hillary but also the thought of Bill Clinton being a force in Washington again has the GOP shaking in their boots. That shaking will energize them to get their base to donate vast amounts of money to take the White House.

Personally I’m no huge Hillary fan and I’m not really interested in the next President being another insider that has already been in the White House before. This is also why I’m not interested in getting another Bush either. Frankly we need something else but ultimately we need a leader.

With the expectation that the GOP are going to fund raise like crazy, those of you who donate to their cause remember one important thing. There is an expectation that whomever you support or vote for needs to GOVERN. If their only platform is opposition, what happens when there is no ‘being’ to oppose? That’s not what America is built on and that’s not how a government should operate. Democrats this applies to you too. Governing is a requirement for a job in Congress…

…well it used to be.

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