Spilling the tea? Better get a bigger pot.

I remember when cable first came about. We were fascinated by the concept that you could hear people say bad words on television and it stayed on longer than regular television channels. This was exciting to me in the summertime because I would go away to the South for the summer and when I would spend the night with cousins I could stay up as long as I wanted.

We would stay up all night and watch a little television (at this time even cable channels had a concept of going off air), play board games, tell stories, and even spill a few secrets. Back in the day there was this concept of a ‘secret’. A secret was something you told family and really really close friends. If someone you trusted broke your trust and spilled your secret, it didn’t spread beyond a handful of people and it certainly didn’t become NEWS. This was a time when girls could have a baby and the whole time you thought it was their cousin but was really their child. Shit was real.

Boom BoxTechnology kept improving and pushing to the next level and of course that has an influence on people. We went from carrying big boom boxes to portable cd players. During all of this time a secret being spilled was only the knowledge of those that were immediately available to the fly that spilled the beans.

Times have changed big time.

Technology these days allows us to be available to anyone at any time not just by voice but we can also share real-time video. There is no concept of not being apart of something just because you weren’t there physically because technology allows everyone to be almost anywhere at any time. A good thing is now used for bad things.

These days if a secret of a young person is revealed by either a jerk frantically typing up to 140 characters to blast it to their Twitter followers or a video was uploaded to YouTube because someone wants to be the next Stephanique Spielberg of the internet. The sharing of the secret these days isn’t just about exposing the secret of someone else but also display the amount of joy gained from putting someone on blast. Now the secret isn’t just reduced to a handful of people, if you go viral, no not sick but internet famous, we’re talking upward of hundreds of thousands of people. Not cool.

Watch your back!My advice to anyone and everyone is to be aware of who you surround yourself with and your surroundings in general. Today there are so many people that want to be known for something even if that something is destroying someone else.

Good thing I didn’t grow up in this age of share everything at any time. Who needs that kind of pressure when you’re trying to navigate your way through life?

I have enough pressure explaining to my mother just because I have a cell phone doesn’t mean I’m available to her at any time.

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