Just What We Need…MORE Distracted Drivers!

I commute almost 80 miles three times a week for work for over 15 years and in that time I’ve seen some amazing things behind the wheels in other cars. I’m convinced that most people don’t love their lives because their driving skills, or lack of, shows daily they choose to live IN the moment.Focus forever or in memory for ever

Between reading, makeup and texting, I don’t think drivers need anymore help to be distracted but leave it to inventors to create things that help scare the shit out of the rest of us. Augmented reality allowing drivers to see through their vehicles. Why is this necessary? They barely see what’s happening inside their own vehicle so how does seeing through that vehicle help anyone? Some manufacturers have heads-up displays that allow you to text, talk on the phone and get on social media while driving. People are already doing this without this device and having detrimental effects why make it easier to die?

When these devices hit the market beware on the temptation to make life easier because it could result in a shorter life span.


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