The Duggar Crisis – The hypocrisy of perfection


Duggars –

Per·fec·tion (pərˈfekSH(ə)n/)
noun: perfection
  1. the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

Not too many people would describe themselves as perfect. Well except for Human Barbie but she’s cray. Perfection is a insanely high standard to attain and pretty much impossible to maintain. Only politicians and fools make claims or infer the air of perfection so when they fall they fall HARD.

The internet and news has been a buzz about the sexual assault claims against Josh Duggar. In his adolescent years Josh was accused of touching young girls and some of those girls were his own sisters! This would be a shocking statement no matter who was involved but the fact that it involved some Duggars made it news. Why?

The Duggars are known for a different lifestyle of which includes having 19 Kids and Counting. I have no interest in having a tribe but I did watch a few episodes of the show and on the surface it would appear they have a perfect life. As you continue to watch you see that the perception of perfection has a cost. If you’re always pretending to be perfect doesn’t it become more difficult to show your imperfections?

After this family secret was revealed TLC decided to pull 19 Kids and Counting from their lineup after pressure from social media and advertisers. Unlike most I think the Duggars should actually stay on television because we’ll finally get to see some REALITY!

Supporters of the Duggars will say NOW is the time for the cameras to go away, but isn’t this the RIGHT time to see the Duggars faith in action? Instead TLC caved to the pressure from people when the people should think a little more on this one. Watching the Duggars have the conversation regarding these sexual assaults is a real teachable moment. Instead the conversation may never happen at all considering its reported it never really happened before.

TLC this needs to happen. Bring back the Duggars!

The ignorance of riots…where does the REAL change happen?

A few weeks ago on a street in Baltimore Freddie Gray had an interaction with the local police department that resulted in his spine almost being separated from his head. A mystery. At least to the Baltimore police department. But those that have been critical of extreme policing in certain communities, felt that the Gray injury, of which resulted in his death, was no accident.

The response from the local leadership was pretty lame. The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, hasn’t been the textbook example of leadership in this situation. The media interviews and press conferences to the public were an attempt to explain away the mystery by trying to pacify the people with the chant of patience while offering no real details. The people waited.

And waited. And waited some more. Then things changed.

Today some of the people of Baltimore decided they weren’t going to wait any longer for answers and instead were going to force their voices on the city through their actions. Peaceful protests were held demanding answers but the citizens demand for answers were ignored and when people are ignored and full of emotion, its harder to keep positivity in the space.

Today the demands for answers turned to riots. RIOTS! How does a riot help you get answers? Instead of getting real answers you’ll get rubber bullets and a curfew. In the end NOTHING is resolved.

How far do you think Martin Luther King Jr. would have gotten tearing up his own community? Or ANY community? I hate to say it but REAL change happens when you can look your enemy in the face and no matter what they do to you, it does NOT break your spirit nor distract you from the goal. When the goal is ALWAYS the focus its much more likely to be reached.

Remember, while you’re burning cars and looting stores, the people that will need to hear your message will be too busy crafting lies to pacify you later! Keep MLK’s dream alive…change!

Can I have my uterus back Senator?

us-out-of-my-uterus-300x300January marked the entry of the new Republican Congress and of course their highest priority was on the agenda.


Nope. Not jobs.

Infrastructure improvements.

Nope. No infrastructure.

Abortion. Yep. It was expected considering the GOP is the party of ‘We hate big Government!’ while they work hard to enact legislation to increase restrictions on abortion. Isn’t that the definition of BIG GOVERNMENT? Especially when you want the Government to mandate an ultrasound and in some states a trans-vaginal ultrasound before a woman can receive an abortion. Just ain’t a party until the ultrasound machine shows up huh?

crazy-partyBefore the GOP could launch the abortion rocket it was stopped by their own party. Even a few of the GOP had the commonsense to know that adding such silly restrictions such as not allowing access to an abortion if a woman is raped if the rape was not reported to the police. I guess some thought getting raped once isn’t enough a second rape is necessary to have an option regarding reproduction. How and why is this necessary?

Leading the charge against abortion are usually men in the GOP and it reflects a lot of what is thought by several regular Joe’s in communities across America. When I read comment sections associated with articles regarding abortion, some men are angry about abortion and are seriously pro-life. It’s a fair position to have if that’s what you believe in but it’s rare those same men expect men that were participants in these pregnancies be held accountable for assisting in the creation of that fetus.

Protecting a fetus is extremely important to conservatives but feeding children on Earth is less important when you cut food stamp aid to families.

Follow the bouncing ball.

bouncing-ballThe abortion debate for many isn’t about saving lives or providing women all information necessary while seeking an abortion, it’s purely about controlling choices for women. Women have been making choices for not only themselves but entire families for generations so I don’t think women need Government dictating their choices.

Remember, the debate shouldn’t be about if abortion is right or wrong, but protecting hard choices that certainly should reside with the woman considering the option.

Rebel Without a Cause

Evil DoerSince Obama became a serious contender for President during his first run, the GOP have used the concept of a boogeyman, a big bad wolf, to fund raise vast amounts of monies. The money train kept rolling during Obama’s second run for President against Romney and even during the recent House and Senate elections. House Republicans raised over $500M alone to maintain control of the House and raised over $300M to take the Senate. Who says money doesn’t get you into important places?

The GOP isn’t the only group raising money because Democrats are too but they haven’t ever been better at raising money than Republicans. The past few years raising money has been a much easier effort because the GOP have been successful at creating his evil that is in Washington, we’ll call him Obama, and money is needed to stop this evil entity from taking over. The concept is really simple. Just asking someone to donate to your campaign means nothing but stopping evil makes the person a hero and most American’s sign up for it.

Remember the ‘evil doers’? George Bush warned us about them and that we needed to do anything to get rid of them. What many didn’t realize is some of the evil doers were in our own Government running a muck in the name of America. Now the evil doers are those who want to ensure every American gets to see a doctor regularly, or feed their families, or make living wages. Whatever happened to helping our fellow man?

As politicians prepare for Obama to leave office, what will the GOP use as a fundraising tool once he’s gone? Who will become the face of evil in Washington? My first best is on Hillary Clinton aka ‘Ill Hill’.

hillaryHillary has been a fundraising tool for the GOP since her husband’s presidency. I remember as a kid how angry the GOP was at Hillary’s push regarding it taking a village to raise kids. If Hillary runs the GOP will use not only the evil that is Hillary but also the thought of Bill Clinton being a force in Washington again has the GOP shaking in their boots. That shaking will energize them to get their base to donate vast amounts of money to take the White House.

Personally I’m no huge Hillary fan and I’m not really interested in the next President being another insider that has already been in the White House before. This is also why I’m not interested in getting another Bush either. Frankly we need something else but ultimately we need a leader.

With the expectation that the GOP are going to fund raise like crazy, those of you who donate to their cause remember one important thing. There is an expectation that whomever you support or vote for needs to GOVERN. If their only platform is opposition, what happens when there is no ‘being’ to oppose? That’s not what America is built on and that’s not how a government should operate. Democrats this applies to you too. Governing is a requirement for a job in Congress…

…well it used to be.

Oh the Horror! OH YEAH!

I’ve always loved movies. All types of movies and any genre because I ultimately desire a good story. However, there is one specific drama that is a favorite of mine of which I hold a serious bias. Horror.

There is nothing like a good horror movie. Whether its some mysterious monster snatching people or a crazy maniac killer roaming a big city it’s always been a genre that’s my equivalent of curling up with a romantic date movie. Some say that’s creepy but to that I say they just don’t get it.

Good horror isn’t always about watching some slasher flick. While they do have their place in the horror genre most great horror movies have more to do with the thought of what could or might happen versus watching someone be hacked to pieces.

For example, one of my favorite horror films is The Entity. The Entity is about a woman that buys a home that’s possessed by a spirit that turns her life upside down. I saw this movie when I was around 12 years old and I remember being rocked by the notion that a home could have a mind of its own.

The being became more than its environment.Another favorite and classic to many of course is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The thought of a simple trip with friends turning into a fight to live. The scariest part of that story wasn’t what was being acted out on screen but the notion that the movie was based on true events.

Based on true events is freaky!Reality is the real horror.

No matter what horror movie I watched, especially those based on true events, I always knew what I was seeing on screen wasn’t real and that everyone on film went home to their loved ones every night. I knew how to separate reality from Hollywood and it wasn’t a hard adjustment. Some kids today seem to have blurred the lines.

Out every horror movie I’ve ever seen the scariest thing I’ve ever seen is the reality of life. What people do to each other on worse than any monster Hollywood has ever attempted to create.

Watching a horror movie is never a bad thing to me but watching the news, I think that requires scheduled mental checkups in order to maintain sanity.

Give me your tired, your poor…WAIT! You’re not welcome here!

Even the statute of liberty is embarrassed by stupid Americans.

Even the statute of liberty is embarrassed by stupid Americans.

I made the assumption a long time ago that God has quite the sense of humor. He gave the ignorant and stupid the ability to have unwavering commitment to their beliefs even when commonsense is standing right in front of them. You can always count on them to speak the loudest but also have nothing to say.

A surge of undocumented children are being held because they tried to cross our borders illegally. Each of them has their own story about why they are coming to this country and an even more treacherous tale of their journey before they were caught on American soil undocumented.

And whose standing at the door to greet them? Stupid Americans.

Why not use these brain cells for GOOD?

Why not use these brain cells for GOOD?

‘Those people’ that believe that anything that doesn’t look like them is bad and everything they believe in is good. You know the people that can tell you how all minorities are on welfare, yet can’t spell independence. Those people.

At some point humanity has to ask itself, is there any segment of humanity that is void of criticism and hatred? In today’s political climate it appears that nothing is off limits, even children. We are to believe that children sat down and coordinated together to travel unsafe distances to cross our borders so we must treat them like adults. To that I say NO!

THIS is the time where America can show it isn’t just a country that works hard to exploit their poor, under-educated, minorities, etc. but also works hard to ensure we all have a shot at the dream. When your government works harder to keep people in poverty you have to wonder WHY.

This post isn’t meant to give excuses behind crossing the border illegally because we do have laws but is designed to make you remember these are CHILDREN. Let’s show them America is much better than hatred.